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1. Get Up And Running Quickly
A typical organization can get their system up much faster than you would expect with the help of our trained professionals.
2. System Features & Benefits
The TrakStar online performance appraisal system has the features and reporting that your organization needs.
3. Optional Multi-Rater 360
Request feedback from peers, subordinates and anyone else with insight into an employee's performance.
4. TrakStar Reporting Features
Managers and Administrators can now analyze, rank and compare performances. You can see the performance plans in place for every employee within your span of control.
What Is TrakStar?
TrakStar is an online planning and employee performance appraisal system for any organization between 15 to 5,000 employees.

TrakStar encourages employees to participate in the development of performance plans and helps everyone communicate better and achieve the common goals of the organization.

The TrakStar system is completely customizable. You will have the ability to use the TrakStar library of factors and goals or customize the system to your own industry's standards.

The system is also very intuitive, it will schedule and track appraisals and send email notifications and reminders automatically based on your organizations needs.

TrakStar will help your organization; avoid litigation through the use of LegalScan - legal language sensitivity checker to make sure you comply with the standards set by EEOC and ADA.

Import Data
Import existing employees and positions with position descriptions
Save time and entry errors with no manual input
Export Data
Export any data in customizable reports to HTML, PDF or spreadsheet formats.
Flexible formatting for distribution and making data widely available throughout your organization.
Customizable Appraisal Due Dates
Match your current appraisal due dates or create new dates which may include introductory, fixed date or periodic or all types of dates
Fits your schedule and places accountability at all steps of the process
Automatic email notifications, reminders and past due notifications
enter appraisal dates individually or globally once and TrakStar does the rest
Save time by not having to track every appraisal
Customize Appraisal Criteria
tandard 60 appraisal measurements (Factor and Goal Library) or Industry Specific Libraries
Priceless resource to quickly launch your system
Uniform Performance Standards
Ensures standards are adhered to across the organization
Brings the whole organization under one umbrella and eases transition for position or manager changes
Ability To Add Individual Goals
managers have the flexibility to customize and add individual goals where appropriate
Great blueprint for individual advancement in your organization
Legal Language Sensor
Automatically spot non-compliant language
Avoid EEOC and ADA litigation
TrakStar Reports
View and print reports by employee, workgroup, position and organization
Assist administrators and managers in analyzing and comparing performances at all levels and for compensation and benefit review
360 Multirater Feedback
Gain insight from peers and subordinates
Video Trainer®
Helps managers and employees learn TrakStar on their own through online training videos and live exercises
HRIS Synchronization Utility
Allows administrators to synchronize data between their main HRIS database and TrakStar
Online convenience and security
  • No internal cost of installing, or support
  • Run anytime anywhere online
  • Secured access by authorized users only
  • Reduced maintenance, automatic updates
  • No site license involved
  • No in-house technical support required

Click here or call us for more information on the TrakStar System and what it can do for your organization 704-918-1013.

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