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Case Studies

1. Get Up And Running Quickly
A typical organization can get their system up much faster than you would expect with the help of our trained professionals.
2. System Features & Benefits
The TrakStar online performance appraisal system has the features and reporting that your organization needs.
3. Optional Multi-Rater 360
Request feedback from peers, subordinates and anyone else with insight into an employee's performance.
4. TrakStar Reporting Features
Managers and Administrators can now analyze, rank and compare performances. You can see the performance plans in place for every employee within your span of control.
Case Studies
This Case Study describes how a new appraisal process began and developed into a particularly good example of a performance appraisal process change. This change has resulted in impressive organizational productivity improvement.

Syncardia developed new competencies using TrakStar to encompass the basic duties and responsibilities of each job. This was conducted to better meet the needs of the employees and Syncardia leadership, primarily management.

ACSO estimates that the new appraisal process has cut the time necessary for supervisors to prepare and conduct annual reviews by almost 50% while at the same time significantly improving communication.

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