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Team Discovery
How Well Are Your Team Relationships? This session addresses the fundamental steps of improving workplace communications and relationships within a team.

Our objective is to provide you and your people with an understanding of natural traits and communication styles. This course of action will help soothe sensitive relationships and pave the way for team building and team development.

Discover your team through interactive discussions. Each member of your team is a unique person with a basic style and a combination of natural strengths that make them who they really are.

This session is a necessity whether you are creating a new team or have been a team for awhile or adding a new team member.

The perfect follow up are the PowerApp and Stat-Mapping Workshops.

  • Learn why each team member does what they do and have a better understanding of their personal and their team dynamics.
  • Learn how each team member communicates by their natural behavior, perceptions and reactions.
  • Learn why stresses and misunderstandings are common.
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