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Strat-Map Programs: Customized, goal-oriented solutions
Strat-Map programs provide the answers to each strategic challenge an organization faces. A Strat-Map gives direction and a clear process to reach goals. Certified Strat-Map facilitators help an organization discover the powerful secrets of strong, effective leadership and the tools to achieve success.

Managers Strat-Map: Developing Effective Managers
The Managers Strat-Map program provides a proven system for developing dynamic managers within an organization. It gives managers the tools and processes they need to effectively manage and maximize the strengths of their employees.

Using the comprehensive Strat-Map program materials, certified facilitators guide managers through the step-by-step process of strategically mapping an action plan with individual employees. ProScan survey data provides managers with objective, easy-to-understand information on each person's strengths, work and communication styles, motivators and stress levels.

By developing their employee's strengths to the fullest capacity, managers are able to maximize return on investment in a company's most valuable asset: It's people.

TeamDynamics Strat-Map: Developing Effective Teams
The TeamDynamics Strat-Map is for use with an "actual team" that is just beginning, or for a team in progress for revitalization.

This Strat-Map program can be presented to a group to illustrate what a team needs to do. Groups might include executives, department heads, managers, etc. who need to understand the value of a team facilitation program.

  • Defines team purpose
  • Maps performance goals and outcomes
  • Identifies and measures the individual's and the team's collective strengths, skills and team work styles
  • Plans tracking and evaluation of progress toward goal
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