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PDP Client Certification:
The licensed PDP client certification course is a stimulating and in-depth learning experience that will provide the knowledge and skills for using the PDP Integrated Management System. It is designed to cover the fundamental concepts of understanding people based on PDP's extensive and valid research. The focus will be on proven applications that will meet your organization's specific objectives and needs at this time.

Who should attend
Executives who have the motivation and desire to make a powerful difference within their organization: CEOs, Presidents, General Managers, Human Resource Managers and everyone involved in the Human Resource Department, and all Managers involved in the people side of business.

How will you benefit? Become a better Manager.
  • Increasing productivity while maintaining quality
  • Improving communications
  • Identifying each person's motivators, and avoiding their demotivators
  • Identifying work-related stress
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • Reducing turnover and dissatisfaction
  • Helping to match people to jobs
  • Improving interviewing techniques
  • Focused advertising
  • Analyzing and defining corporate culture
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Creating effective teams and workgroups
  • Developing staff to their fullest
What you will learn
The agenda will include time for "action learning" in:
  • Learn how to understand someone with one sheet of paper (Data Sheet)
  • How to interpret and understand a variety of reports
  • How to develop a Job Position Model
  • Learn how to improve your interviewing and selecting the best people to "fit" positions
  • Learn how to understand everyone in your organization
  • Learn how to achieve power of team synergy and team planning
  • Learn what to expect from team members and enhance communications
  • Learn how to Lead people to achieve personal success and satisfaction
  • Learn to administer your own PowerApp and Strat-Map Workshops
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