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PDP Licensed Associates:
Begin providing products, training, seminars, consulting and service to small, medium and large organizations based on the accuracy and ease of the PDP Integrated Management System. These establishments can range from as few as ten people to large corporate giants. Becoming a Licensed Associate you will be given the tools to succeed and grow your business.
How to Create Revenue from a License Associate Opportunity :
  • Market and Sell the PDPWorks Behavioral Web System
  • Sell Client Certification Training
  • Facilitate Power App Workshops
  • Facilitate Strat-Mapping consulting products
  • Provide other additional strategic planning services
  • Receive residual income from annual PDPWorks renewal contracts and report sales
  • Receive additional residual income and build your organization by adding CDMPs to your sales team
What Are Companies Using PDP For?
Managing 73%
Promoting 53%
Communication Tool 45%
Team Building 52%
Hiring 92%
The Benefits of PDP's products and services are simple to communicate to potential clients:
  • Reducing turnover
  • Increasing productivity
  • Helping to focus training
  • Matching management style to individual employees
  • Salvaging problem employees before they quit or are terminated
  • Preventing bad hires/transfers/promotions
  • Saving dollars in counseling fees to resolve conflicts between co-workers
  • Reducing relocation costs by keeping employees at present positions longer
In today's workplace environments, finding the right people, training, motivating and keeping them is a key to success. By being a Licensed Associate you can participate as a leader in a professional industry that will allow you to capture the lifestyle you have been looking for. Join the Global Behavior Team who is committed to providing you with a system to sustain growth for your business

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