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DynaPro Certified Dynametrics Professional (CDMP)
As a CDMP you will receive:
  • Referral commisions on system sales
  • Training revenues from Strat-Map Workshops
  • Revenues from report sales
  • Additional consulting revenues for administering the behavioral assessment resources
CDMP: Designating Expertise & International Credibility
DynaPro certifies qualified, experienced individuals to utilize our PDP behavioral assessment technology and consulting programs within the context of their professional practice. Knowledgeable facilitators conduct a three-day, application focused learning forum where small groups of professionals are guided through the use of our proven consulting resources and practices.
"Certified Dynametrics Professionals"
proudly display the designation of "CDMP" behind their name.

Who Should Seek DynaPro Certification
Management Consultants Not-For Profit Consultants
Workshop & Seminar Leaders Career Counselors
Organizational Development Specialists Facilitators
HR Consultants Customer Relationship Consultants
Executive Coaches & Advisors Communications Specialists
Recruiters Government Consultants
Educators Organizational Change Agents
Internal Consultants Family Counselors
Team Development Specialists Sales Trainers
Merger & Acquisition Consultants Psychologists
Measurable Results For Your Business Growth
Results can be dramatic. CDMP's have reported substantial growth in overall satisfaction, referrals, and revenues.
  • Effective solutions delivered with timeliness and accuracy have enhanced credibility.
  • Demonstrated expertise and credibility leads to multiple engagements and stronger relationships.
  • Long term relationships have directly contributed to business growth, increased referrals, and higher profitablility (with less marketing effort/cost).
  • As practitioners deliver more value in their solutions, their fees grow proportionately.
A Proven Value for Clients The benefits of your consulting services are simple to communicate to potential clients.
  • Cost Savings (Reduced Turnovers, Mis-hires...)
  • Efficiency (Increased Productivity, Communication...)
  • More Effective Personnel Management
  • Improved Employee Productivity and Morale Maximizing Human Potential

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