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Why Choose A Platinum Account
The PDPWorks platinum account is intended for medium to large organizations.

This unique online integrated management system allows you to purchase assessments based on your planned usage during a 12-month period. Then, use those assessments to generate an unlimited amount of reports, including Employee and Applicant Reporting, Management reports, JobScan job modeling and applicant job matching reports, and TeamScan reports.

If you run out of assessments before the 12-months are up, additional assessments are just a phone call away. This program is ideal for organizations serious about affecting corporate culture, reducing turnover, and improving productivit. A great value for organizations who are big picture oriented and desire more flexibility.

Includes complete training and certification in the PDP technology to empower you to utilize and implement PDP in your organization. Your organization will benefit by having an in-house trained Administrator. You will be able to conduct your own workshops and team sessions using this powerful and insightful program.

Click Here or call us at: 704-918-1013 for more information on Global Behavior's Services and what we can do for your organization .

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Request a Platinum System Demonstration

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System Features & Benefits

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System Comparison


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Featured Client:
Motor Products Manufacturer Improves Morale, Reduces Employees and Increases Profitability.
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