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System Features & Benefits
PDP is a complete and integrated management system designed for selection, development and retention of high performing people. It is a statistically-based, predictable and reliable process for identifying and quantifying people's natural behavioral strengths.

Features Benefits
PDP (Professional DynaMetric Programs) technology -
The finest and most accurate behavior-based measurement tool and Integrated Management System
  • No internal cost of installing, or support
  • Run anytime, anywhere online 24/7
  • Secured access by authorized users only
  • Reduced maintenance, automatic updates
  • No site license involved
  • No in-house technical support required
ProScan Module -
Individual behavior descriptions which identify a person's strengths, stress, satisfaction, and motivation
  • maintaining quality
  • Improving communications
  • Identifying each person's motivators, and avoiding their demotivators
  • Identifying work-related stress
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts
JobScan Module -
Hire top performers by defining key behavior traits and work styles and matching candidates to job requirements to hire right and promote accurately.
  • Reducing turnover and dissatisfaction
  • Helping to match people to jobs
  • Improving interviewing techniques
  • Focused advertising
TeamScan Module -
Analyze and develop high performance teams
  • Analyzing and defining corporate culture
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Creating effective teams and workgroups
  • Developing staff to their fullest
eLearning -
Step by step instructions and learning scenarios
Optimizing and understanding key features
Database Management -
Search and retrieve Assessments and Reports by name, organizational level or date for viewing and printing
Saves time and energy to locate and retrieve data from one central location online
eCommerce -
Built-in purchasing power for convenience
Help track costs by division, department and manager and view whole organization
Automatic Report Generation -
Invite someone to take a assessment and receive result reports via email
No assessment entry for you, no printing, all automatic

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Features & Benefits

System Features & Benefits

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System Comparison


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Motor Products Manufacturer Improves Morale, Reduces Employees and Increases Profitability.
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